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The Art of Designing Your Business

MIV Consulting, LLC

Welcome to The Art of Designing Your Business by MIV Consulting.  We are here to help you design your business and personal growth strategy.   Read on, and enjoy.

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About Mayumi Ishii

I am an international consultant, specializing cross-border partnerships, and connecting US and Japanese companies to globally advance product/market opportunities.

I am passionate about the Art of Designing Your Business.   

I started my career in management consulting at McKinsey, in both Tokyo and LA. Then, I was an Investment Banking Analyst covering high tech in Silicon Valley.  I've run my own consulting firm, MIV Consulting for 20 years, helping Silicon Valley startups develop relationships with strategic partners in Japan. Prior to launching Chrysmela in the US, I had no experience in retail and had never sold anything direct-to-consumer but saw the market potential of Chrysmela in the US and other countries and took this ball and ran with it.

Designing Your Life Certified Coach.  

Born and raised in Tokyo.  Living in Los Angeles with my husband.  On the mission to play all Top 100 golf courses in the world.  Ten to go.  LinkedIn

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For a project inquiry, big or small, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to exploring possibilities with you!

日本の素晴らしい製品、ブランドをアメリカで成功させるお手伝いをいたします。 日本語でのお問い合わせも大歓迎です。

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World's Most Secure Earring Back

Mayumi is The Chrysmela Chief, running and managing all aspects of the Japanese brand's success in the US and beyond.



Perfect Execution

As The Exclusive US Representative of Chrysmela, Mayumi built the unique branding for the English speaking markets.

Hands on Marketing and Sales

A Real Success

Mayumi deploys not only conventional marketing tools but also personal brand as @MayumiGolf, to further promote Chrysmela brand.  We are on the global mission of solving the 5,000 year old problem of lost earrings.

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Coaching Certificate and Giving Back

Last few years, I've been a guest speaker at UCLA Extention branding classes and career coaching seminars at my alma mater in Tokyo,...

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I love golf as a sport, mindful and social activity.  Golf makes the world a small place.  Wherever we travel to play golf, we often meet people who know our friends. 
My husband and I are on a mission to play all Top 100 golf courses in the world.   Only 10 to go.

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